About us

  • Give wings to your project
  • Assistance for industrial plant design or reorganization
  • Project Assistant Support
  • Physical, IT, and organisation system improvement


The Secteur Productique team is composed of 17 engineers (chartered, senior, experienced and junior).

Secteur Productique is specialized in: Process, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, IT, and Architecture.

Each team member has a personalised skills assessment to evaluate his ability in: General Diagnostics, Lean Manufacturing, Planning, (ERP, MRP…), Quality Management, Logistics & Supply Chain, Technical Engineering, Project Management, Process Layout, Process Simulation, Industrial Programming, Building Programming, Training and Language.


Our main customers

  • Aerolia
  • Safran Sagem
  • Aibus
  • Concept Alu
  • EADS
  • Daher Socata
  • Astrium
  • Snecma
  • Qatar Airways
  • Mubadala
  • Asco
  • Minilampe
  • Sabca
  • Safran Messier-Dowty
  • ACB
  • Safran Turbomeca
  • MBDA
  • Embraer
  • Bombardier
  • Lacaze Energies
  • Aluminium du Maroc
  • EADS Sogerma
  • Eurocopter
  • Dassault Aiation
  • Sonaca
  • Schüco
  • Alcan
  • Latécoère
  • Bovis
  • Ocea
  • Airia

Other customers

  • Kodak
  • Alstom
  • Areva
  • Hydro
  • Lectra
  • Boeing
  • BMW
  • Caterpillar
  • Forges de Courcelles
  • Audi
  • Comau
  • renault
  • Nissan
  • Pays de la Loire
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Heuliez
  • Valmy
  • Innoveox
  • Alu.ch
  • Ouest Provence

Examples of work done

  • Schéma Directeur
    Master Plan

    Stategic plan, master plan, layout definition, road map, planning,step construction, cost estimation, ROI.
    7,000 m² of production space
    Sector Aeronautical mechanics
    Project time 2 months

  • Conception et implantation atelier
    Layout design

    Designing assembly shop and dimensioning implementation area.
    5,000m² workshop designed
    Cycle improved by 50%

    Sector Aeronautical mechanics
    Project time 8 months

  • Manutentions et servitudes aux postes
    Improving materials handling

    Industrial program, Industrial systems definition (handling, constraints and power supply).
    12,000m² workshop restructured
    Sector Aeronautical mechanics
    Project time 3 months

  • Transfert industriel
    Industrial transfer

    Managed the transfer, planning, road map, team coordination : 500 workstations transferred.
    20,000m² workshop restructured
    Sector Aeronautical Electronics
    Project time 6 months

Last news

  • Paris Air Show
    Trade shows
    Paris Air Show Le Bourget
    from 15 to 21st June 2015
  • Bourget
    Objectif News

Our skills


Process, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Layout, Master plan.

Speciality: Manufacturing, Assembly, Sub-Assembly, Logistics, Handling, Robotics, Automation


Secteur Productique can support you throughout your decision-making, design and implementation.

We can improve your potential. We ensure synergy between products, process, ressources, organizations.


Secteur Productique provide to its customers training in Supply Chain and Lean Manufacturig. We could adapt training session case by case.
We could organize sessions around: Manufacturing, Assembly, Sub-Assembly, Logistics, Handling, Robotics, Automation


Secteur Productique can support you throughout design and implementation project step:

  • Industrial unit conception / reorganization project (manufacturing, logistics, maintenance,...)
  • Industrial performance improvement project (physical and information system)
  • Deliverables: Preliminary Specifications, Technical Specifications, Industrial Program, Bulding Program, Financial and economic estimation,...